I spent the past 3 years of my daughter’s life looking forward to and celebrating milestones.  First smile.  First steps.  First words.  All were beautiful, special, magical moments, and all meant that life was going to change… mostly for the better.

Why, oh why, does no one talk about baby’s first shower?!  Showers are awesome!

I’ve been unknowingly transitioning to showers for a while, using the handheld shower head during Miss O’s bath.  One day we had a poop incident – let’s just say she’s not 100% potty trained – and I just wanted everything to go down the drain.  Bring on the shower!

It was glorious!  Seriously.  A thing of beauty.

It’s quick.  Baths take FOREVER.  Filling up the tub to the perfect temperature, bathing, and then allowing enough splash time to avoid a meltdown… ugh.

It’s efficient.  In.  Out.  Done.  Less water, less time, less hassle.

Easy clean-up.  There is no longer a ring around my tub from the filth floating in the bath.  I also avoid the puddles all around the tub that occur no matter how many times I remind her to keep the water in the tub.

I’m free!  No, I can’t leave her alone while she showers, but I don’t have to watch her like a hawk.  I can bring her clothes next door and put them in the hamper.  I can tidy up the bathroom.  I can read – what’s that?!

Like I said.  A thing of beauty.