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Simple Changes to Make School Mornings Easier

School mornings can be very busy. The kids need to eat, get dressed and be ready for school. The more children you add into that routine, the crazier it can become. School mornings don't have to make you want to pull your hair out. Use these tips to make your morning...

How to Spend Less on Back to School Supplies

Any parent can tell you that back to school shopping can get expensive. Between new shoes, new clothes, and back to school supplies, it can add up and cost a lot of money. When you have more than one child in school, the cost of back to school supplies can break your...
If your children have been enjoying later bedtimes and wake up times during the summer holidays, you’ll need to get them used to the early bedtimes and early wake ups that go hand in hand with school.  Start this at least two weeks early by moving their bedtimes and wake up times by 15 minutes every couple of days.

5 Smart Tips for Helping Kids Get Ready for a New School Year.

The summer holidays are often full of trips, late nights, off schedule days and in general routines go out the window.  This is what we all love about summer, but it also makes getting back in to the new school year routine quite daunting. Now that the summer holidays...
Whether your child went to preschool, was homeschooled, or hasn't had any formal learning, transitioning to kindergarten can be tough... for parents and kids. And if you're raising a sensitive child, those feelings can be multiplied by, well, a lot.

How to Help Your Sensitive Child Transition to Kindergarten

Back to school time is once again upon us.  Weather you're excited or bummed about that, it's coming.  Kids of all ages will be boarding buses, filling up their backpacks, and taking those obligatory 1st day of school pictures.  But for parents of 4- and 5-year-olds...
Cooking with kindergartners doesn't have to involve lots of sugar and box mixes. Try these kid-friendly, real food recipes instead!

Cooking with Kindergartners: 15 Kid-Friendly, Real Food Recipes

Cooking can be a fabulous way to spend time with your kids, practice some life skills, and learn all at the same time.  Cooking with kindergartners is especially fun.  My 6-year-old loves to spend time in the kitchen!  But as a parent of a kindergartner, it can be...
Are you getting the most out of your smart phone? Try out these 5 free apps every parent should have.

5 Free Smart Phone Apps to Make Parents’ Lives Easier

Can you imagine being a parent before computers, the internet, and smart phones?  There's part of me that thinks it would have been much simpler... and part of me that shudders to think what I would do with a fussy 5-year-old 10 minutes into a trip to the grocery...
Is your child going through a disrupted sleep period? Try these simple ideas to help your child sleep better.

Helping Your Child Sleep Better, Faster, Longer

There are lots of things that can disrupt a child's sleep.  A new schedule, and exciting event, learning a new skill... And of course, just when you find a routine that works, something happens and your child decides they're afraid of the dark, or that sleep is for...
We all know what we have to buy our kids for school, but what about us moms? Check out this fun list of back to school supplies just for moms.

The Ultimate Back to School Shopping List for Moms

I just bought Miss O's school supplies for her very first day of school.  It was fun.  It was sweet.  And it was freakin' expensive.  But on top on of that, I think the list was incomplete.  What about me?  How come they don't make a back to school shopping list for...

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